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David Sellars

Quietus was released on 8 July 2015. The first few chapters were teased to the public bit by bit. Check out the above tab for more information or buy here:






The Cat That Sleeps In My Bed  is a short story based on true events. It reached Number 1 in the paid for download charts on Ether Books. It now appears in print alongside many other fabulous tales and poems in Rising Tides: A Channel Islands Anthology.


Two 5 Star reviews from Ether Books readers:


"Excellent read but not for bedtime!"


"Wow, great story. Looking forward to reading more!"







My first publication A Wolf's Guide to the Fairy Tale is in the anthology Rapunzel's Daughters. This is receiving rave reviews with my story being picked out for special mention on a number of occasions.


'Can a guide help the Big, Bad Wolf succeed in eating Little Red Riding Hood without getting caught?'


*Named an Editor's Choice title by Independent Publisher Online.*










Jack O Lantern is currently unavailable whilst seeking publication.


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